The rain was coming down pretty hard as I was driving out to the getting ready location, and I wasn’t sure if we were going to rely on our indoor locations and umbrellas to get through the day. Fortunately, the sun started making an appearance just before the first look and then I knew that we were going to be able to photograph the story of their wedding day in the locations that were near and dear to them, and that made me so happy! We started at Bois-des-esprits for their first look – a gorgeous forest in the middle of the city and the second outdoor location that we were so looking forward to using was Mario’s family property in Île-des-chênes. The best part of the sun coming out was that the ceremony could actually take place outside as well, with a gorgeous Manitoba cornfield in the background, surrounded by friends and family and the history of their family all around. Not only for the locations, but the words that were exchanged, the looks they gave each other and the chemistry these two share, everything about their togetherness held so much strength and meaning and it was absolutely beautiful to witness! And the only time it’s ok to upstage the bride is when you’re the daughter of the happy couple and you are as adorable and cute as Cadence was! It was such a delight to document their story, their festivities and all the touching moments in between. I think my favourite was the first look – Mario’s face says it all, and the tears rolling down Aly’s cheeks hide nothing of her emotions. It was truly heart-warming! Félicitations vous deux!!