I’ve been waiting a long time to finally meet Henry, and when the day finally came, I was overjoyed. Henry is a strong, energetic and curious baby boy. He came into this world and into his parent’s life quite unexpectedly early. While we were in the very early stages of planning a maternity photo session for Jen last October, I got the news that Henry had decided to arrive at only 24 weeks 3 days.

The maternity and newborn sessions were immediately put on hold, and I eagerly followed along on Instagram as Jen and Devin posted updates on their tiny little bundle of love. I immediately fell in love, and couldn’t wait for the day that I would actually be able to meet him in person. I am so grateful that this day was even possible, and although the pandemic keeps us masked and 6 feet apart, it was so exciting to finally be allowed to safely take his photos.

At 6 months old (2 months old, age adjusted), he is such a cutie with so many adorable facial expressions and quite the strong little dude! I wasn’t able to hold him or touch him, but taking his photos was the best thing ever. My heart is bursting with love and joy for them, and for these precious photos that we were able to capture. We even had the opportunity to take a photo with him and a doll that represents his beautiful big sister whose presence is very much felt. The love that surrounds him is huge. What an amazing fighter you are, Henry! You are so loved!