This past Spring I had the great joy of meeting up with Kate Bowler at Allure Studios to update her headshots. A portrait session with her is anything but boring or regular. Kate has this way of bursting onto the scene with instant love, constant quips (that crack me up) and really interesting observations that makes me wish I could just sit down and ask her questions for hours.

She also is a deep well of empathy and understanding – and if you ever wonder what podcasts I listen to during my hours and hours of editing… hers in on the top of my list. If you have a couple hours of driving or if you want some time to unwind, she is worth a listen. Her podcast stands out in the massive sea of content that is out there, and you will likely have an improved perspective on life after listening to her. (or at least feel like there’s a bit more sense in this senseless world)

It was my second time doing headshots for her and I always leave these sessions feeling gratitude and thankfulness. Thank you Kate for trusting me with this task – you are the loveliest!