If you’re an avid French Canadian novel reader, you are probably very familiar with a St. Boniface-born author by the name of Gabrielle Roy. And chances are, you are a carrying a quote by her in your wallet. On every $20 Canadian bill, her words Nous connaîtrions-nous seulement un peu nous-mêmes, sans les arts? in small font are stamped. I grew up a few blocks away from where she grew up as a child (but 7 decades before my time!) in the quaint neighbourhood of St. Boniface, the heart of the francophone community here in Winnipeg.

As a high school student, I read her novels and even produced a short documentary on her, who by many has been considered one of the most influential Canadian authors. The house where she grew up in has since been converted into a museum in her honour and this year marks the 100th anniversary of her birth. In honour of her outstanding contribution to Canadian literature and as a celebration of our local “celebrity”,  Lise Gaboury-Diallo has put together a book which is a beautiful collection of texts and artwork by Franco-Manitoban artists. Prior to this, a fundraising auction for the Gabrielle Roy Museum was held at la Maison des artistes and the artwork from the auction have been included in this book.

As a Franco-Manitoban artist and collaborator to the art auction and book, I'm very excited to share with you Sillons : hommage à Gabrielle Roy. It is with pride and pleasure that I have, in some small way, contributed to the celebration and honouring of one of Canada's greatest writers. Check it out!


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