f/action‘s latest exhibit took place at the lovely West End Cultural Centre in the heart of Winnipeg’s West End. It was an absolute delight when we were invited to participate in the new music & art series that the WECC is putting on: Melodies on Mercredi. For the next few months, on the first Wednesday of the month, there will be live music by local emerging artists coupled with artwork on the walls. A complete art show combining music and visual arts! We love that idea!

The night went really well with Brett Nelson and Kipp Kocay on the bill. If you missed the show (and the pudding they had for sale!), you can still see our photos on display for the rest of the month of February. Next time you go to a show at the West End, look around the lobby! A lot of the photos are actual shots that were taken of past shows at the West End Cultural Centre. And they’re for sale! E-mail me for details (photo @ egabrielle.com) or visit the WECC. Here are snapshots from Wednesday night’s show:

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