It was a hot humid summer night last year when I came home to discover a multitude of snails crawling (slowly) all over my drive way, deck and house. If it wasn’t for their incredible cuteness, I’d probably get weirded out by their invasion of my property, but these little critters were very fascinating! One of them left remnants on my dew-covered door of his long happy trails. (He must’ve been traveling for quite some time because he was moving very, very slowly and he had quite the long trail behind him). I decided to name him Solomon and rooted for him as he continued along his way.

The next day, I told my friend Natasha about little Solomon who travels at night along my house. Natasha also happens to be a very talented illustrator, and after hearing about little determined Solomon, she took the liberty (or got inspired) to make a little illustration of him (found here).

Fast-forward a few months, and today I had the pleasure of going over to Natasha’s house to take some photos of her framed artwork for her online store. It was a fun, relaxing shoot (sipping on home-made lattés and chatting while shooting), and at the end, she surprised me with a belated birthday gift: none other than a stuffed version of Solomon!


I think everyone should have an illustrator friend. Good things like this happen when you do. Solomon isn’t for sale, but the other bunnies, whale and artwork are! For more info, visit:

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