If you live in Winnipeg, you might remember the day that the mosquito trap count soared to 1,300. It was all over the news. And yes, it happened to be the day that Crystal & Jarrett booked an engagement photo session with me. At Assiniboine Park, in the English Gardens, as the sun was setting, no less. And to top it, all three of us forgot to bring bug spray! Cancel the shoot? No way! It was a beautiful evening, golden light from the summer sun and a couple madly in love. It was perfect! Ok, minus the mosquitoes (which we couldn’t ignore). Poor Crystal – I spent quite some time in post production spot removing huge mosquito bite welts off her skin!

All I can say is that mosquitoes, as annoying as they were, cannot stop a session – it made for a memorable experience and I was happy to be able to laugh about it with the two of them. All the more reason to look forward to photographing their wedding next year. I know we’ll have fun and it’ll be a memorable day, no matter what happens!

Congratulations Crystal & Jarrett, I’m looking forward to what the summer of 2011 will bring. 🙂



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… and here they are, swatting at the mosquitoes and laughing about it. Cute! :