The trouble with being a photographer and making good food is that it always takes twice as long once you factor in all the photo-taking time. Today was one of those days when, out of the blue, I get this burst of energy and inspiration to make good food. Armed with my Mémère’s pie crust recipe and with my friend Becca’s ingredient list for potato salad, I set out to make my delicious food.

First off, I have to rave where I got some of my potato salad ingredients from today: St. Norbert’s Farmers’ Market. You must go there! Fresh farm food, grown right here, in the beautiful province of Manitoba. My husband and I picked up some small red potatoes, fresh dill and green onions, among other things. Mmm-mmm.

The pie crust had 3 easy ingredients (shortening, flour and a pinch of salt) with a simple blueberry+sugar filling (thickened with corn starch). The potato salad had:

small red potatoes
hard boiled eggs
turkey bacon
green onions
fresh dill
sour cream
hellman’s mayonnaise
dijon mustard
lemon juice
salt & pepper

Yum yum yum! Bon appétit !


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