Backyard wedding! YES! These intimate cozy wedding festivities are one of my favourites. Hanging out at someone’s house, having some good Tall Grass Bakery eats, listening to live local music (the Hammers and Second Hand Pants) and mingling with the guests… this definitely was a great setting. Not to mention being able to do all the family photos and couple photos in the front yard. It truly was a wedding close to home!

Amy and John are new friends of mine and I must say, they’ve really grown on me in the past few months. Their wedding day definitely reflected their quirky out-of-the-box personalities, but also their warmth & sincerity. It was truly a memorable wedding day! Simple, relaxed and full of family, friends and love (of course). Here are a few snippets of their wedding photos… Hope you enjoy! (notice the oak rings – how original!)

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