The guests were seated, waiting the arrival of the bride… the setting was beautiful: an outdoor ceremony at Terrace 55 in Assiniboine Park. And then the rain started! It seemed pretty heavy for a while, but a few moments later it slowly stopped: just in time for Courtney to arrive and walk down the aisle. Couldn’t have asked for better timing!

The ceremony was relaxed yet elegant, fun yet meaningful. Immediately following the ceremony was a gorgeous reception inside Terrace 55 for an absolutely delicious brunch. Morning weddings are great – full of bright light, amazing food and fresh colours.

Courtney and Cole didn’t have a wedding party – which meant more time with them alone to take pictures! It was great: we took some pictures around the Pavilion at Assiniboine Park, then some at Waterfront Drive, in the Exchange District, and just as it started to pour like crazy, we made a run for my studio in the Exchange District and continued to take more photos there.

I had the pleasure of meeting Courtney and Cole for the first time last December when we had a fun engagement session together. And this time was no different: they are both naturals in front of the camera and such gracious people. We had a great time together!

I know they have been anxiously waiting for their photos to be blogged while they wait for the rest of their photos to be mailed out this week… so, Courtney and Cole, I know you’re reading this, and I want to say THANK YOU for being an awesome couple to photograph and for being so enthusiastic about your wedding photography! I enjoyed meeting you guys and being a part of your special day! All the best in your new life together! 🙂

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