It’s that time of year again – when people are buying photo gift certificates as Christmas gifts, or as in this case, redeeming a gift certificate they got for Christmas last year. I love being someone’s Christmas gift! 🙂 But what I love even more is the many times I’ve had the pleasure of taking photos for Danielle and Joël. They were the first of my engagement couples (way back when, before I had even gone to photography school or started my business), and then went on to be one of my first wedding clients in my first summer of shooting weddings, followed a year later by an adorable newborn shoot when their son was born….daniellejoel And then most recently, some family photos! It’s been an amazing journey following this great couple and now, their newborn is already 14 months old (wow, time flies!). Definitely a cutie… especially in his oversized parka! A totally lovable little dude! We took a few photos inside their house and then went wandering around outside. Théo LOVES being outside, which made it all the more fun to catch him in his little explorations and adventures. Here are a few highlights from our October morning shoot and outdoor stroll…. 101029GT0029 101029GT9835 101029GT9849 101029GT9925 101029GT9871 101029GT9837 %image_alt% 101029GT0211 101029GT9938 101029GT9949 101029GT0144 101029GT0131 %image_alt% 101029GT0114 101029GT0126 101029GT0103 101029GT0082 101029GT0058 101029GT0015