Speaking of familiar faces and long-time clients, this past week I was at the studio again with another one of my favourite long-time clients and friends, Chris and Bev. I’ve been photographing their family ever since it started in Bev’s belly almost 4 years ago for a maternity session, and have been going strong ever since then! Unfortunately, I only met Bev & Chris after they had gotten married, so I missed out on doing their engagement and wedding photos… but I’m always excited when I get a call from Bev saying “We need new family photos!”. Bev’s always super creative and prepared when it comes to family portraits: this time, for her Christmas theme, she brought accessories! Boxes, gifts, Christmas plants and of course, coordinated outfits for the whole family. Here are a few highlights of our afternoon at the studio: Avari, as expressive and enthusiastic as always, and Judah, growing into such a handsome young man! (yet still oh-so cute!)

Merry Christmas to the Hidlebaugh Family!

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