Wedding season 2010 ended on a great note with Kristin and Jonathan’s beautiful 2-day wedding event. And who would’ve thought November could be this warm!? They got married on a gorgeous Winnipeg November weekend – with mild weather and gorgeous late-autumn light… what more can you ask for?? I usually don’t post this many wedding pictures, but I really couldn’t help it. Kristin and Jonathan were an absolute pleasure to work with – always light-hearted, full of laughter and totally enjoying their day. These two have been in love for a long time and to see their connection just as bright and strong on their wedding day as I’m sure it was when they first met was such a delight. You could tell they were so comfortable together, best of friends yet still madly in love with each other. Just take a look at the pictures to see what I mean!

Congratulations you two – you definitely make a beautiful couple and I couldn’t have ended this wedding season on a better note! It’s people like you that make my work so rewarding. 🙂

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