Just had a great visit with the delightful Nina Notaro of Cake Studio – our paths have crossed recently and I was thrilled to be able to stop by at her studio and check out her amazing wedding cake work! Not only that, but she prepared me a piece of cake to try: complete with apricot filling, chocolate, brandy cream filling and marzipan. It was DELICIOUS! Most recently, her work was on display at Kristin & Jonathan’s wedding – a beautiful delectable creation that was definitely eye-catching! Turns out, she’ll be doing the cake for one of my 2011 wedding couples – and although the design is hush-hush (no secrets were shared with me!), she assured me that this one will knock our socks off. I cannot wait. But until then, check out Kristin & Jonathan’s wedding cake from a couple weekends ago…. great work Nina! (and yes, those are all edible branches & berries… all hand made with sugar and food colouring)