You might remember this beautiful bride and her handsome husband from last year’s wedding season… well now I’m excited to say that they have an equally as beautiful (and super cute!) baby of their own! I was thrilled to hear the news of their new addition and just as happy to meet him. What an adorable little boy! He was three months old at the time of the shoot and such a bundle of joy. Now that I have a baby of my own, there’s an extra dose of excitement that comes with photographing other people’s babies. I’m so in love with my own baby girl so when I see that same love between the parents and their new baby, there’s something warm and fuzzy that comes over me. Taking baby pictures has a whole new meaning to me now. They say you don’t know love until you have a child, and although that might be a slight exaggeration or a bit cheesy, it doesn’t change the fact that you definitely FEEL that way. Babies are just so lovable, and capturing those moments in photos makes me so happy!

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