Last Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing Crystal and Jarrett’s wedding. It was a hot hot summer day in Winnipeg, but that didn’t stop the couple from enjoying every moment of it! (and by hot, I’m talking record-breaking hot!) It was so exciting to finally be at their wedding, especially after having such a great time with them at their engagement session last year. The funny thing is that last year we were fighting the mosquitoes… and my thought after that initial session was that nothing could ever stop these guys. So true – because again, this year not even the scorching Winnipeg summer climate could even stop them!

They had a lovely outdoor ceremony at Rossmere Country Club and then we headed to Waterfront Drive and the Exchange District for wedding party photos. We finished the afternoon at the Hamilton Building. I absolutely adore that location! The light is breathtaking and the architecture is beautiful – and with a gorgeous bride like Crystal, I was in photography heaven!

So here they are, a collection of their wedding photos. It was such a delight witnessing true love like that – their chemistry was evident and their bond extremely strong. Lots of tears were shed, and I think I saw one of the sweetest father daughter dances ever! I added a few photos of that – the love her father has for her was incredibly sweet.

Congratulations Crystal and Jarrett! You were an absolute delight!

(for even more photos from their day, check out my facebook page)

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