I have such a great job – not only do I get to exercise creativity, but I also get to watch adorable little munchkins grow up! I first met these twins when they turned 6 months old, and we had a great shoot at the studio. Now, 8 months later, I got to see them again! This time we went to the park and had some fun exploring, running around and looking at flowers and plants. It’s amazing how fast babies grow, and now they’re already walking and talking! Beth and Danny are certainly enjoying it all – their love for these two kids is written all over their faces. What a joy to be there to capture it all! Here is a small portion of the photos from my session with Nhien & Ainsleigh – these guys are just too cute!!

(check out the two separate photos of them each walking with their arms bent up – the photos were taken at two separate times, and it’s only when I was editing that I noticed they had the same exact walking pose! They may have two completely different personalities, but they still have a bit of that inadvertent twin thing going on! I love it!)

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