When I first started thinking about Kim and Ryan’s engagement session, I got pretty excited about the opportunity to do a Fall engagement session. Winnipeg is great, but heading out the city is even better! So we went to Birds Hill park and took advantage of the beautiful September evening light. I knew it wouldn’t disappoint! What a gorgeous setting with an amazing couple. It truly was a perfect evening.

I first met Kim a few weeks ago after a couple of my old co-workers told her to contact me for her upcoming wedding. When she called me on the phone, I sensed an instant connection. Kim is full of life and love and such a sweetheart. She makes you feel like you’re old friends, even if it’s the first time you meet! So when I also met Ryan that evening, I wasn’t surprised that they’re engaged – together they both glow and their love looks so comfortable. And I experienced just that while photographing them: it was comfortable, lovely yet full of spontaneity and playfulness! A great love match. Enjoy the photos. (Can’t wait for the wedding!!)


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