It’s now autumn in Winnipeg and we’re still getting amazing weather. Knowing that Amber and Matt’s wedding was coming up, AND that it was going to be an outdoor ceremony at a park, I was super excited! Mild temperature, big sun and beautiful colours in the trees… not to mention a gorgeous bride (scroll down and see for yourself!!) and her handsome groom. I was thrilled to be their wedding photographer! (sigh, I love my job.)

I had a lot of fun with these guys – Amber and Matt are super friendly people, really easy to be with, and both have really enjoyable personalities. The wedding party (consisting mostly of friends and siblings) were just as wonderful and fun to be with, which is no surprise. Together, they made a great wedding party and you can tell they were definitely enjoying every moment!

So here are the photos… Amber & Matt – an amazing couple with a spark of love that makes you believe it can’t ever be undone. It was an honour to be their wedding photographer and to create artwork from their celebration of love. Félicitations vous deux!

PS: stay tuned for a second blog post of this wedding with alternate edits!

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