There’s a lot of thought put into the editing work of your wedding photos, and although it is often overlooked by non-photographers as the invisible side of wedding photography, this is actually one of my favourite parts of the whole thing. When I’m out there shooting a wedding, getting my compositions and lighting just right as well as working with my brides and grooms to get them to look their best, there’s a kind of artistry involved. A lot of relational exchanges, setting moods or being attuned to subtle yet powerful moments, all the while making sure to capture it with the right technical camera settings.

I love that part of the artistic work – but I equally like sitting down at my iMac and visually processing all my images and deciding which ones to keep and how to edit them. I’m known for vibrant colours and high contrast captures & edits, but lately I’ve been experimenting with vintage edits and processing wedding photos with a bit of an old-timey look. It certainly doesn’t fit every photo, but this last wedding I photographed seemed to have a lot of potential for these types of vintage looks. So I went to work (if I can even call it that!) and picked out some of my favourite photos that I felt would benefit from an alternative edit. Here is the result. A small collection, but one I’m growing fond of.


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