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Everyone, meet Crys and Denley. Crys, I just met this past year. Lovely lady with AMAZING style and a fantastic personality. She’s a keeper, Denley.

If you know me, you might also know that Denley was my wedding photographer. A few years back, fresh out of photography school, I was planning a wedding and having to make the decision of hiring a wedding photographer. Where to start?

It was easy: Denley was a good friend of ours and also a photographer that inspired me. He was enthusiastic, adventurous and artistic. I observed his work and totally trusted him to capture one of the most memorable days of my life. Chad and I were thrilled when he said yes to photographing our day!

Fast forward a few years, and roles have reversed. I’m now photographing HIS engagement session and upcoming 2012 wedding! I’m honoured to return the favour and to create photos for them that they’ll love just as much as we love ours!

So here they are – Crys & Denley’s engagement photos. I’m so excited for these two – it’s evident they’re made for each other. When I met Crys, it made perfect sense as to why Denley was with her. She’s smart, confident, beautiful and has an incredibly warm and generous heart. Denley has a huge heart and an earnest way about him and together, I think they could conquer the world! (or at least inspire us to love, celebrate and rejoice more, even on the gloomiest of days!)

Congrats you two. You KNOW I can’t wait for the wedding day!!

(a few notes about the session: I wanted to go somewhere out of my ordinary shooting locations, so when they told me they wanted to incorporate cycling in their engagement shoot, the streets of their neighbourhood made perfect sense. Lots of interesting walls, textures, nooks and of course, leafy greens. Woot!)

… oh and because you’re probably curious, I’ve included a few photos from my wedding that Denley took. Scroll down!


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…and here are a few photos that Denley took at our wedding. Thanks Denley! (and yes, I had a bridesman! my brother! and yes, short custom-made dress, DIY flower bouquets, polaroid photography and thanks to Chad’s idea, hot pink for his guys!)

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