Larissa and Daniel were married in Winnipeg on the May long weekend and as luck would have it, we were hammered with delightful weather: a hail storm on the Friday and a cold and rainy Saturday! Although originally from Toronto, Larissa has been living in Vancouver for the past 15 years and thought she’d be safe with a wedding in Winnipeg – anticipating sun, mild temperatures and clear blue skies. Alas, it would not be! At least, not until they sat down for dinner at the reception (aaah… a little too late). But we made the most of it (umbrellas to the rescue!) and in the end, it certainly didn’t stop them! They made the most of it, and with a wedding party as fun as theirs and with a couple as in love as they are, the bad weather didn’t take away one sweet bit from this wedding day.

It was an absolute pleasure being able to photograph their wedding – with Daniel being my cousin, it was a huge honour being asked to be their wedding photographer. I was able to witness their beautiful wedding from the best vantage point ever: the photographer’s view! But especially for this wedding… I might sound biased because we’re family, but I truly do believe that these two definitely have something special together. As the day progressed, I couldn’t help but notice how much they are connected to each other. The way he would look at her when she wasn’t aware… the way she’d smile as he’d come near her… not to sound sappy, but it was incredibly heartwarming to see! It felt real, it felt comfortable and it felt rich. And being there to photograph it is what brings me most joy as a photographer.

And so here are their wedding photos, and I am incredibly grateful to be able to share it with you. Larissa and Daniel – you have a solid ground together and an incredible circle of friends and family that surrounds you. The love your share together is immediately apparent and I know it will only grow and grow in the years to follow… thank you for sharing it with us and allowing us to believe it with you. Félicitations vous deux! 

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