Mara & Stefan’s relationship has traveled over many miles (literally) so the idea to do their engagement photos at the Winnipeg Airport was perfectly fitting. The location has gorgeous natural light and modern architecture – and combined with Mara’s travel-themed props, the photos reflected a lot of their journey together as a couple. They are absolutely adorable, as much on camera as in real life, and knowing that Mara is now joining my extended family, I couldn’t be happier!

This is part 1 of their engagement session. Part 2 was an outdoor session in the woods, and those photos will be blogged soon too. Congratulations on your engagement you two loveb160220GT5803 160220GT5819 160220GT5832 160220GT5886 160220GT5898 160220GT5909 160220GT5977 160220GT5986 160220GT5992 160220GT6015 160220GT6045 160220GT6063 160220GT6093 160220GT6119 160220GT6130 160220GT6147 160220GT6167 160220GT6180 160220GT6267 160220GT6305 160220GT6311 160220GT6339 160220GT6341 160220GT6374 160220GT6388 160220GT6392 160220GT6407 160220GT6422 160220GT6433 160220GT6486 160220GT6564 160220GT6584 160220GT6616 160220GT6675 160220GT6681 160220GT6719 160220GT6800 160220GT6814 160220GT6828 160220GT6850 160220GT6921 160220GT6937 160220GT6945 160220GT6983 160220GT7010 160220GT7032 160220GT7038 160220GT7066 160220GT7140 160220GT7146 160220GT7181irds!