I have to admit, taking photos outside in the cold in a time as unforgiving as our winter in Winnipeg is never anything easy, but I do LOVE my winter photo sessions. There’s something about going out there in the cold, the white, and the quiet of the season. Yes, extra energy and attention is needed, but the results are always so magical. Even on a dark, foggy and gloomy day like the one we had for Ashley and Kyle’s engagement session. We started with a few fun shots at the Forks, but then did most of our photos at Assiniboine Forest. The birch trees seem to stretch on forever and the beauty of the forest is nothing like it.

And these two. Where do I start. They are absolutely lovely to photograph – their love is such a treasure and seeing them together was so heartwarming. Their decision to choose forever together is clear to see that it’s a good one, and it was such an honour to capture it. Here’s a handful of the many images we captured while out in the beautiful wintery landscape that we are lucky to find in our great city!

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