I first met Shawna & Brad a few years ago when we did a fun “day in the life of” photo session for their then family of 4. Taking candid photos of real life with their two kiddos was such a fun experience, and since then I’ve had the pleasure of doing two newborn sessions for them as they’ve been adding to their beautiful family. This week it was for 4-day-old Brady, likely my youngest client ever, and what a joy it was to see them again with their house so full of life! Four kids, wow! There’s so much laughter, crazy antics and affection for each other, and seeing how chill and go-with-the flow they are as parents, it’s no wonder they can pull it off without sweating the small stuff. How wonderful it was to take these photos for them – a beautiful souvenir of a real whirlwind phase of their life – it may be crazy and a little overwhelming at times, but their love for each other is definitely keeping them afloat! Love these guys!