Last Thursday, while drinking my morning cappuccino, inspiration struck in an unexpected way. The idea of creating short films for families caught my attention. While finishing my coffee and browsing online, I found an online videography course which I followed over the next 2 days. By the following morning I had booked shoot dates with two families willing to be my guinea pigs for this new endeavour, and by Saturday morning I was at the Robin’s home, the first of the two families.

You may know Jenni from @jennirobins and @mykateandnorah on Instagram. I met her a few years ago through Emily Janzen, while styling one of my Spring mini photo sessions. She is the sweetest, most creative and endearing person ever. What I love most about Jenni is her deep love for her family and the amount of intention she puts into raising her two young daughters. Her home is a place of comfort and love with careful attention on growth, learning and building each other up. I didn’t know to what extent I would discover all these treasures in her family until I spent the morning there. It was so lovely.

She and her husband Chris share a beautiful dynamic and it was such a joy to create this family film for them. My goal was to capture the feelings and emotions of this time in their life so that they will forever hold these memories for themselves, but also for their girls when they grow up. To preserve these tiny details is so important and somehow they don’t quite get recorded in the same way when it’s just photos.

Enjoy the film!

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