Some of my favourite locations in Winnipeg for family photos are those where there is a mix of nature and architecture all in one. I’ve rounded up four of my favourites below to give you some inspiration when planning your next family photo shoot. If you want to make one of these spots your next photo shoot destination, let me know!

Crescent Drive Park

With the bathroom building being an architectural gem in the middle of this park, I love using this location for family sessions to get a good mix of nature and modern lines.

HarbourView Park

This location requires a bit of walking, but it’s well worth the wooden siding, water views and tall hill sitting under the big open sky.

St. Boniface Cathedral and Archdiocese House

One of Winnipeg’s most iconic locations, the impressive ruins of the St. Boniface Cathedral is a beautiful backdrop with the stone wall and the more natural foliage across the street.

University of Manitoba

There is no shortage of interesting architecture (both classic and modern) plus there are tons of green spaces to use.