This past weekend I headed out to St. Vital park for some family photos with Louise and her wonderful family. I’ve known Louise for just over a year now, but it feels like we’ve known each other much longer! We first met through a connection in photography, and we became friends when I started giving her private photography lessons – in French no less! She’s got a great eye for photography and also runs a translation business, so needless to say, I’ve been learning a lot of the correct French photography terms from her – for which I’m very grateful! (French is my first language, but most of my photography experience has been in English, until she came along!)

She’s passionate about life and full of enthusiasm, so I wasn’t surprised that I ended up having a great time with them during our photo shoot. Her husband and son are just as fun to be around and full of zest for life. And what’s best is that Louise totally loves her family – not because she tells me so, but because she beams when she’s around them. She’s madly in love with her husband and super proud and supportive of her son. It was such a pleasure being able to capture all of that in photos!

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%image_alt%Doesn’t this background remind you of one of Tom Thompson’s paintings? I love it!


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