Back in August, Chris contacted me with an idea for a wedding anniversary gift for his wife – a surprise family photo shoot! I was definitely on board and with a bit of quick planning, we set a date and Chris brought us to a great downtown Winnipeg location that he picked himself. I loved it!

Of course, I always have fun photographing the Hidlebaughs. They are good friends of mine and it seems like we’re never too far from another photo shoot together. In fact, since this last photo session, I’ve done another one with them. You see Bev’s baby belly in these photos? Well the wee  one inside made an appearance in October and we had an oh-so cute newborn photo session just a few weeks ago… those photos will be posted soon too!

Congratulations Chris and Bev on 8 years of marriage and an absolutely beautiful family. It’s always my pleasure and I can’t wait for many more sessions in the future!