This past summer Chantal and Dan put on an amazing wedding celebration and it was evident that everyone involved enjoyed every minute of it! Every detail, location and planning was done with utmost care and consideration and it certainly was worth it. We started with photos at Chantal’s family property in rural Manitoba and what a gorgeous setting it was! We then made a stop at the St. Norbert Monastery for a few more wedding portraits and then headed off to Bridges Golf Course for the ceremony and reception. Taking these photos was such a huge pleasure – not just because of all the beautiful elements they had incorporated into their day, but mostly because of the chemistry these two have. Their love and devotion for one another is unmistakable, and being there to capture it in photos was exactly why I love being a wedding photographer. Their elegance and grace mixed with their wild and fun side was a perfect blend for this wedding event and I’ll definitely remember this day for years to come! F√©licitations Chantal et Dan!