Once a year I get to see these guys – they’re always so smiley, bouncy and full of energy (that is, particularly the 3 girls!). I’ve been taking their family photos ever since their youngest was barely walking, and every year it’s such a delight to catch up with them, run around and capture all of the love & antics that this family share together. This year for their family photos we decided to head to Birds Hill Park and get some of the forest vibes mixed in with the beach vibe. There are such diverse landscapes in that park, and being able to capture all these different images in about one hour is something that I love! Even the sun poked out through the clouds a few times and the girls loved playing in the sand and water. We took a few headshots of each of the girls too, so that their parents don’t need to order any of those boring school photos to put on their walls. Getting those real smiles in a fun environment is 100 times better for getting portraits of your kids on your walls at home!

Here’s a preview from our evening at the park – complete with all the smiles, hugs and kisses! Until next time F-B Family!